Oliver Kindig-Stokes Memorial Scholarship to Youth Camp Fasola


In the wake of the tragic loss of our co-leader, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, Camp Fasola is establishing a scholarship in memory of Ollie, who with his father’s encouragement attended five camp sessions in which he learned many skills that he brought back and shared with his home singing in Berks County, PA, from pitching the starting notes to historic anecdotes about many of the songs that we sing.  Oliver had learned the music so well that he knew the page numbers for most of the songs in our book by heart, and we never even needed to consult the index as long as he was present with us in the hollow square. He is sorely missed.

Contributions to the fund may be made at the Camp website: http://campfasola.org/oliver-kindig-stokes-scholarship/ .  Applications for a camp scholarship may be made here: http://campfasola.org/camp-scholarships/ .

Photo credits:  All photos on this page are by Jonathon Smith and used with permission of Camp Fasola.